Year-Long Facilitator Training in Earth-Based Ritual and Ceremony

April 2019 - March 2020


Enter into a field of sacred mystery, revelation and community healing.


Through experience and practice, feel the ancient truths remembered in your bones.


With the support of the Ancestors, create and hold sacred space for transformation.

Thank you so much [Maria] for holding such a safe ceremonial space. I realized during the ceremony how much this ritual work has changed my life.

-Kelsey Gustafson

What You'll Learn


This Is In Your Bones

Connect with your own indigeneity and deep ancestral knowing around healing through community ritual and nature connection.

Universal Templates

Receive, experience and practice variations of earth-based ritual for community, grief tending, purification, reclamation, honoring life transitions, peacekeeping, and gratitude.


Ritual For One And All

Earth-based ritual is not an exclusive club. Experience the power of community ritual yourself, then collaborate with peers to design and implement transformative processes that can translate to any community or situation.

Collaboration With The Seen And Unseen

Explore communion with the Ancestors, spirits of place, elementals, and other spiritual allies to fortify the ritual container and hold your back as a ritual leader. As well, how to call in healthy leadership and assisting teams for larger ritual work.


Tracking The Shadow

Learn how to track, yourself and participants, to perceive the unspoken, hold all wounds as sacred, and invite the shadow to heal in a community ritual setting.


Carry The Light With Integrity

Participate in discussion on ritual leader ethics, responsibilities and accountability, and design your own processes for self and group post-ritual care and integretion.

This Training Is For...

Therapists, Social Workers, Coaches, Wilderness Guides, Nature Therapists, Healers, Group Leaders, and anyone desiring to serve their communities through earth-based ritual work.

Don't miss this unique experience!

Let us hold you through your Leadership Initiation, as you step into your calling as a Community Ritual Guide.



April 24 - 28, 2019

Purification & Ancestor Rituals

Cold Springs Retreat Center

Santa Rosa, CA

July 31 - Aug 4, 2019

Community Grief Tending

Cold Springs Retreat Center

Santa Rosa, CA

December 4-8, 2019

Reclamation Rituals

Cold Springs Retreat Center

Santa Rosa, CA

March 18 - 22, 2020

Gratitude Rituals

Cold Springs Retreat Center

Santa Rosa, CA


Maria Christina Owl

Maria Christina Owl is an international transformational leader, healer and full-body channel. She has worked with over 15 different indigenous elders around the world, and is deeply rooted in her own indigenous identity. Maria credits her healing from post-traumatic stress to earth-based ritual work, which she launched into at age 19. She has held hundreds of people around the world through deep transformation through wilderness quests, grief rituals, women’s initiation, and many other forms of ritual and ceremony.

In 2016 Maria offered a Community Grief Ritual in Tel Aviv, Israel, and trained 12 facilitators in this powerful modality. She has led grief ritual at Joanna Macy’s facilitator training in The Work that Reconnects. She holds her own Master’s degree in Integral Counseling Psychology, and has taught Indigenous Wisdom at many institutions of higher learning, including the Ecopsychology Program at Naropa University. In 2012 Maria founded Sacred Future, an organization devoted to re-integrating human culture back into harmony with Nature and Cosmos through the development of intuitive and authentic leadership.

Duane Michael

Duane was introduced to earth based ritual over 25 years ago, when he was seeking a path of freedom from drug addiction. This opened him to a whole new world of indigenous medicine and healing. Upon his move to California he continued deeping into wilderness rites of passage, attending several mens initiation ceremonies, including T. Harv Ecker’s Enlightened Warrior Training.

Duane attended his own wilderness fast in 2012 with Maria Owl and Sacred Future, and this began an incredible partnership as collaborators in sacred leadership. In 2016 Duane and Maria had the great honor of traveling to Tel Aviv, Israel, to offer a Community Grief Ritual and train 12 facilitators in this modality.

The foundation of Duane’s current Earth Energy work comes from over eight years with Grand Master Le Tian of China, where he learned how to work with the fourth dimensional earth deities to cleanse and activate portals, grids, ley lines and vortexes.

Kayla Barnum

Kayla has been devoted to the study of Deep Nature Connection and Sensory Awareness for 13 years. She is passionate about cultivating the senses to awaken intuition grounded in each person's indigenous make-up. Through the scope of Tracking, Bird Language, Survival and Earth Living Skills, Kayla guides others through the journey of rooting in ancestral lineage to center in resilience. She loves working with individuals and families, and is committed to nature connection in the home for youth. She is a mother of two beautiful and very nature connected children.

Kayla has had the privilege of studying with many mentors with a broad spectrum of earth based practices. In 2009, she attended a 9 month nature awareness Immersion At the Regenerative Design Institute. She continues to study Bird Language and the Art of Mentoring with the 8 Shields institute. In 2013 She enrolled at Sacred Futures School in a Rights of Passage and Ancestral Wisdom course with Maria Owl, and went on to spend two years in apprenticeship with the school in Transformational Leadership. Most Recently she has studied with Tom Brown Jr, and Rick Berry in Lenape apache lineage of earth living skills. Kayla is weaving the wisdom of the past to find modern day presence, and heal future generations.

Jose Enciso

Jose is an engineer, poet, dancer and seeker of spirit and soul. He brings a gentle presence and deep respect for the interior journey as expressed through ritual and art. Jose is a skilled group facilitator who is committed to the spiritual and psychological growth of those around him. He trained under Francis Weller to lead men’s initiation groups doing deep soul work. Jose is devoted to the emergence of divine feminine wisdom, supporting women and men claiming their voice and power, and rediscovering the soul of masculinity. He is currently working on multiple projects including a book which seeks to encourage everyone to write their own poetry as a discovery of their own soul's truth. Jose’s day job is being a senior director of hardware engineering leading a bunch of engineers at a telecommunications equipment manufacturer. He received his masters in electrical engineering from Stanford back when dinosaurs roamed the earth.

Ongoing Training Modules

These training modules will continue throughout the duration of the four retreats.


Medicine Wheel


Building Altars and Shrines


The Importance of Singing and Dancing in Ritual


Ethics, Accountability and Integrity as a Ritual Leader / Guide / Mentor


Council Work


The Meaning of Community


Tracking the Shadow in Ritual Space


The Fine Line Between Transformational Stress vs. Re-Traumatization. Participants Pushing themselves to gain approval of Leaders / Peers


How to Hold Cultural Appropriation Fears


Nature Connection -- Embodiment -- Grounding into Relationship with Earth/Nature


Sharing On Past Experiences with Ritual/Ceremony -- Healing Wounds of Poor Facilitation


How to Hold Severe Trauma Energy


Adapting For Your Demographic


Receiving Compensation For Ritual Work or Volunteering Services; Not Judging Either Way

YEAR-LONG PROGRAM: April 2019 - March 2020



$500 Registration Fee Due Upon Enrollment

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Lodging On-Site


Per Retreat

All Meals Included

Commuter With Meals


Per Retreat

Lunch and Dinner Included, Breakfast Not Included

Commuter Without Meals


Per Retreat

No Meals Included

(Bring a Bag Lunch)


4 Group Mentoring



90-Minute Ritual Design & Production Calls


You Have Participated In At Least 2 Dagara Style Grief Rituals

You Have Had Regular Self-Healing Practice For At Least 2 Years


What Our Clients Are Saying About Us

"I am incredibly grateful for the embodied presence of Maria Owl's facilitation skills to create such a safe and sacred container for the rawness human emotions. She has a natural ability to weave the individual into the fabric of the collective that not many teachers have."

Heather K.

Grief Ritual Participant

“Duane has a grounding, calming, and playful presence. He is a shining example of a balanced, powerful and compassionate masculine leader. The amount of healing I've done with his support is indescribable.”

Gabriela Hylton 

Event Producer & Ceremonial Leader

"Jose has a great capacity to listen to the uniqueness of the group; honoring it and inviting it into a new place of letting go. It was pure pleasure watching a master." 

Donna M. Fyffe, Ed. S

President of CommunityWorks, Inc.

"[Maria] you transmitted some powerful and important wisdom that spoke to each one of us, especially tapping into our ancestors and honoring and working with them. Thank you for being your beautiful confident self, a true wisdom keeper. I always think of you as 'She Who Brings the Light.'"

Linda Braga

Society for the Study of Shamanism

Board of Directors

[Jose,] people appreciated your sensitivity, gentleness and sincerity.  I wish you many blessings as you continue to help people grieve and open their hearts to the light."


Grief Ritual Participant

"Maria's dedication to her truth, to her healing work, and her ability to hold the most safe, open, heart-centered group council spaces I have ever participated in has changed my trajectory in life. This is what inspired me to go into the field of therapy and incorporate as much nature based ritual as possible."  

Julie Wilson

Nature Therapist

Join this life-changing training to serve your community from a grounded, awake and courageous center of being.